At AeroSoft you will find a working environment full of challenging opportunities which carves you into a successful go better. We recognize hard work and talent and rewards exceptional performance. If you have skills,qualities and abilities in you which makes you feel that you can be a part of AeroSoft then send your resumes to us, we will be very happy to make your way to become a part of work culture where hard work, zeal and growth are everyday’s business.
We are looking for Only Freshers & UnEmployed Professionals who:
1.Have Positive Attitude.
2.Is a self starter and go better.
3.Strives for growth, success and excellence.
4.Is enthusiastic to learn new skills.
5.Loves her work and organization.

If you think you have all the above mentioned skills and qualities in you then you are the person we are looking for. To Promote No Frill Low Cost Recession Proof Win-Win Aviation KPO Services.
We believe that for
Pessimistic its Aviation Recession
and for
Optimistic it is an Opportunity.

Please read our FAQ before you apply for any openings.  Click here for Openings


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