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Company Information

AeroSoft Corp is a very small in team size & newly established player in the global Aviation IT market. is a leading provider of comprehensive Aviation end to end & turn key Aviation products, solutions and Aviation internet services like Aviation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Aviation submission and Aviation internet marketing, Aviation Internet Advertising, Aviation portal development, Aviation AeroSoft Corp website templates, Aviation link exchange services, Aviation customer online support solutions. AeroSoft Corp focus on Aviation SEO rather than AeroSoft Corp web Designing. AeroSoft Corp. is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified 100% EOU [Export Oriented Unit] of a well known International Aviation Group of Asia

Job Description

AeroSoft Corp.will give you one of its Aviation B2B or B2C project to develop & promote. Direct Business Associates DBA will do it at his / her own place & manage the Portal [website]. DBA needs to share your revenues with AeroSoft Corp on MOU basis. DBA will be directly responsible for all revenues generations. This is completely an Out source project. Aerosoft will trained the DBA candidates for the project.

Desired Candidate Profile

English Medium Unemployed Science Graduates / BE [ IT / CS ] BBA / BCA/ BCM/ MCA / MBA (IT / E Commerce) / MCM or equivalent qualified having good communication skills. Knowledge of MS Office, Outlook Express, Internet Knowledge is must. Preference to Individuals with background in e commerce or Concept selling . Candidates who did schooling from Vernacular medium need not to apply for DBA

1. Sharp mind & capable to capture the services from other website
and should be able to create clone sites / Fresh Sites.
2. Ability to work in speed and less turnaround time.
3. Eagerness to learn & give deliveries as required.
4. Needs to learn e-Commerce features.
5. DBA needs to maintain Confidentiality, Honesty, Dedication, Determination, Loyalty are must.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for qualified young Unemployed Professionals [ BCA, BBA, BCM, MBA, MCA, MCM ] who can learn to develop & manage one of our live project [ B2B OR B2C Web Site] of Airline Pilot Training in Philippines / Sri Lanka / USA & Australia. Or similar. [ See the list of our Projects ]
The most important work is Honesty & responsibility.
DBA shall be fully responsible for his / her own Project.

What do we expect from our Direct Business Associates [ DBA ] ?

1. Projecting and marketing us overseas and acting as our offshore office.
2. Explaining the concepts and gains from outsourcing non core activities of business enterprises.
3. Exteremly self motivated, dedicated unemployed qualified IT or management professional.
4. DBA must have PC [ Desktop / Laptop ] with 24x7 Internet connectivity with GSM Mobile phone.

Advantage DBA

The most important work is responsibility.

DBA shall be fully responsible for his / her own Project.
DBA shall have following advantages.

1. Brand Name & Experience of AeroSoft Corp.
2. Aviation Projects and marketing support .
3. Saving lot of time & energy as it’s a SOHO work.
4. Flexibility of timing DBA can work from home 24x7 as per his / her convinence
5. Tax benifites as per Govt of India policies. AeroSoft will save lot of Taxes which can be shared with DBA.
6. Transparancy, confidence, convinence.
7. International Aviation Exposer.

Advantage AeroSoft

The most important reason for appointing DBA is responsibility.
DBA shall be primarily responsible for his / her own Projects.
AeroSoft shall have following Advantages

1. Sharing the Experience of DBA to AeroSoft Corp.
2 Projects and marketing support. Saving on overhead.
3. Saving lot of time & energy on Non Productive staff & HR as it’s a SOHO work.
4. Flexibility of timing DBA can work from home 24x7 as per his / her convinence
5. Tax benifites as per Govt of India policies. As Corporate, AeroSoft needs to pay Taxes @ 30% + 12.36% total Aprox 45% on all services. DBA needs to pay a very little Tax after standerd deduction. Rather then paying big amount on Taxes this amount can be share with an unemployed professional [ DBA ]


One of our B2B Portal from various Aviation Training, Placement & Airline Charter Websites, Portals, will be your products. We will trained you how to make & promote one of these products. At present we are working on projects from USA & Philippines only. AeroSoft is open to take any project from any International Aviation client.


Primarily We have following clients:







SaferJett Corp USA
Aviation Atlanta USA
Career Pilot School USA
PayPal Inc. USA
Yahoo Inc USA
Eagle Air Academy Philippines
Aviation Link Asia Pilot Canter Philippines
New Flight Services Philippines
Aircrew Flight Training Academy, Philippines
Asian Aviation Center Colombo
Career Jet USA
Jet Airways Ltd. India India India

DBA Fees

AeroSoft Corp will charge USD $ 300 [ Rs. 12,500 ] as one time fees from all DBAs . This fees is inclusive of One Project Site, Required Training, Study Material and AeroSoft certificate. Out of USD $ 300, USD 250 [ Rs. 10,000 ] is refundable with 1st payment. DBA, MOU can be extant without any fees if your project is making sufficient revenues.[ Please refer MOU ] All DBA needs to start working within 3 months from signing the MOU. If DBA is fail to make sufficient revenues AeroSoft Corp shall be take the project back and refund all fees.

What do we ensure for our business associates ?

A regular flow of share out of our profits. We shall give a detailed plan and projections to show how our associates can manage earning per month.
We have realized that success rate of business has increased after we have started working through business associates and has encouraged us to identify more business associates. If you also share our vision of gaining from outsourcing business, please send us an email with the following details.

1. Name
2. Email
3. Location Details: City, State, Country etc.
4. Your past experience and background...
5. What you are doing currently...
6. Your company, if any
7. Contact number and a suitable time for calling.
8. URL, if any
9. Any other information you would like to share.
Also send a DD of Rs. 12500 in favour of M/s AeroSoft Corp Indore for further processing.

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